The Truth About Blogging

I started this blog for a few reasons, including wanting a way of consolidating things that I’ve been learning… putting things together and forming my own ideas. I decided to do this using an online blog because I wanted to get other people involved and have discussions, debates, and share opinions.. but apparently if you want to do that you have to make it a Facebook status or “tweet” about it.

My Facebook lately has become less about what I’m doing right at that moment and more of a huge tool in my efforts to organise and advertise beach clean-up days, as well as knowledge about ‘green-living’ and the damage we are doing to our Earth and resources, because knowledge is paramount right? The more people who know about (for example) Shop the Frog, and the destruction to orangutans habitats just so we can have palm oil the better right? I’m doing a good thing, right?

No, the truth is instead of doing anything of great importance I’m trying to save the world with a blog that no one even reads and social media.

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