What I should have said when I was asked about Sustainability

Sustainability is a boring word. It doesn’t sound fun or exciting, or how I want to spend my Saturday night. But it IS exciting, so exciting, maybe not Saturday night exciting but it is pretty fucking cool. Sustainability is about our future. It’s like, we’ve got this entire planet of resources, beautiful landscapes, breath-taking places, rare and exotic species of plants and animals, and we get to decide what happens to them. We get to decide whether the generations after us get to see them or if they quickly wind up gone forever.

It’s about people and money. It’s about people who are already suffering or disadvantaged by the current state of the environment, society, and economy, and us getting to decide if things get better or worse for them and their children. It’s about the people who aren’t yet severely impacted, and us getting to decide whether it stays that way or not. In some cases, it’s about us getting to decide whether they live or die.

It’s about needing to understand the intrinsic and instrumental roles of other species; especially the endangered animals- the tigers, bears, whales, dolphins, birds, flowers, bees, and us getting to decide whether they live or die too.

People may not be too worried about what’s going to happen, or what is already happening, in our lifetime, mostly because they feel unaffected, but it’s not just about us. It’s about humanity as a whole, and not being selfish. It’s about us getting to decide what our world becomes and that’s pretty fucking epic.

#YouDecide                                                          #makeadifference

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