Things I’m surprised aren’t Vegan

Part of my quest to Leave No Trace means living as cruelty-free as possible. I don’t consider causing suffering to other living beings to be leaving no trace or a sustainable practice so more and more I’m finding that vegan products are ticking the boxes. Here is an ongoing list of things that I’ve been baffled to learn are not (or may not be) vegan:
{please comment with any that have caught you off guard and I’ll add them :-)}

  1. Alcohol. Who knew the processes alcohol goes through often involve substances such as casein and bone char?
  2. Sugar. Same deal, bone char is pretty commonly used here. Not in NZ though, but if you look into it you’ll find a lot of NZ sugar companies actually only carry out 1 of the 4 stages of processing, so be careful. I’m 99% sure Chelsea is all good, just make sure you get the stuff in the recyclable paper bags rather than crappy soft plastic.
  3. Vitamin D. Not the kind from the sun, the kind in foods. D2 is good, D3 is made from lanolin from sheeps wool. Watch out for Vitasoy’s Calci-Plus in the purple box.
  4. Pretty much anything with flour in it may contain random numbers derived from animals. Definitely watch out for 920 and 921 in pies and bread –  it’s hair and feathers.
  5. White vinegar. Probably shouldn’t be surprised about this one given 1 and 2 and yet I was!
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2 Responses to Things I’m surprised aren’t Vegan

  1. alyson aislabie says:

    Well I’m shocked! and #4 just scares me!


  2. #4 has really put me off buying food from anywhere ever! I understand using the cheapest option available but how did hair and feathers ever become options? A lot of sources state that the hair may be of human origin…


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