“Only boring people get bored”

This is something I heard a lot from one of the people in my classes during my first year of uni and I feel it’s time to put the theory to the test.

Often I trudge to work, glum about my day ahead and already feeling bored. It’s almost like I can feel the life being sucked from me, the sparkle being replaced with the road dirt of life, and that is no way to live. It’s not even a lack of stuff to do, because the feeling of boredom is mixed with a sheer panic over the millions of things on my multiple to-do lists. I think it’s mostly the fact that I’m not really a 9 to 5 office job kind of person and that’s mostly what mine is… but the bills need to be paid and everything is an opportunity – if you look at it right. It’s time I start looking at things right.

I’m not a boring person so I am not going to be bored.

I have decided to start looking at every day as an opportunity and I want to be able to go home feeling as though I honestly made the most of it. I’m not going to have time to be bored, and I’m not going to need to panic about all the things to do, because I’m going to challenge myself to do as much as I can every day. I’m going to make as much out of every opportunity as I can, no matter how small it may seem. Every email I receive, every person I meet, and every phone call I take may hold a hidden opportunity and I don’t want to miss it because I was too busy being boring.

glittering eyes

Of course sometimes it isn’t a case of changing your mindset, sometimes you really do need to change your job coz it actually is a dead end, but make sure your try this technique first before you quit… or worse… lose your soul to the grindstone!

Step 1 – Make everything a challenge. How many things can you tick off the to-do list today, how quickly can you get the cleaning done, can you prepare the next days meals the night before? It might sound dull but it’s shit you have to do at some point so you may as well make a game out of it and the quicker you get it all done the more time there is for the fun stuff.

Step 2 – Look at everything and consider whether it could play a part in completing your big picture. If it can’t, consider whether or not it could be a fun ride anyway. If it doesn’t tick any of those boxes, do with it what you need to do and don’t waste any more energy on it, especially if it’s got a negative vibe.

Step 3 – Challenge yourself to make a difference, small or big. Maybe it’s as simple as making a stressed out co-worker a cup of coffee or buying the lunch. Maybe it’s as big as adopting an elephant!!

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