Vinegar with orange peel in a spray bottle $4 per litre
Home Brand white vinegar $3.50 a litre
Oranges get from a neighbour $0
or Oranges $3 per kg (online need at least 1 individual orange)

Alternative= Homebrand cleaning spray $3 per 750ml

Baking Soda and Vinegar Scrub LESS THAN $3 per 400g
$2.40 400g
plus a splash or two of vinegar

Alternative= Jif $3.99 per 375ml
Washing powder for clothes $4.20 per kg
1kg washing soda crystals mixed with 1 bar grated sunlight soap
Sunlight soap 4 bars $3.50
Washing soda crystals 9.90 3kg

Alternative= Fab$4.20 per kg

Dishwashing liquid ~20cent per litre
Grated sunlight soap mixed with water in a Pump water bottle
~2 tablespoon soap per 1L water, so maybe 20c tops per bottle

Alternative= Homebrand dishwash $2.50 per 2 litre

More: (some for you and some for your home)

more make it