General Advice and Motivation

If you’re anything like me, you have motivational quote after motivational quote saved somewhere in your computer. Things that really spoke to you at one point in time but are now redundant and ineffectual. I’m hoping that this page won’t become like this for me or for you, at least not all of it. I won’t number them because I’m probably going to change their order from time to time, depending on what I feel has the most use at the time.

  • Never miss a Monday
    When I found this one it was in reference to working out but personally, I think it’s just good all round advice. Start the week as you mean to go on.
  • Repeat this mantra: “I am willing to change”
  • Never go 3 days without exercise
  • Realise where your energy is going
  • Know what keeps you sane
  • Feel empowered by listening and know that talking isn’t always helpful
  • Don’t be afraid of a little silence