Prevention of Fat Storage 
Green tea in the morning and through-out the day
White tea before a meal


Rooibos for dry skin
Green tea for oily skin
Spearmint for any type
Chamomile to calm redness/inflammation
They can be consumed and used topically, as a face rinse

Rooibos Tea

(Pronounced Rrroy-boss)
Should be served strong (a deep pink colour) with plenty of milk, and sugar to your liking.
Can also be served with honey and lemon.
Is good reheated multiple times. Traditionally heated on a stove and reheated as needed.

Green Tea and White Tea
Best served as is.


To make these teas, simply pour boiled water over the dried product and allow to brew for several minutes. How much peel per cup will differ depending on taste, start with a teaspoon full. Best served in a tea infuser or in a pot and poured through a strainer.

Please remember to be aware of chemical spray used on products if not organic. Peels may need a good scrub before drying out.

Banana Peel Tea
Dry banana peels out in the oven at 80celcius for approximately 50 minutes each side
Once completely dried, crunch them up and store in an air tight container.

If you can’t crunch them up (i.e. you’re ripping them instead, they WILL go mouldy!!! So chuck them in for a bit longer.
I found that this is best served in a tea infuser that stays in the cup or brewed for 10-15 minutes to get a good flavour. I ended up using 1 peel per mug but that was with just a 5 minute brew.

Mandarin/Orange Peel Tea
Cut peel up into finger tip sized pieces
Dry peel pieces out in the oven at 80celcius for approximately 45 minutes. Keep an eye on peels, length of time needed varies.

The second time I made this I scraped as much of the pith off as I could and it gave more flavour.